in which i flail about my newest book project


heyyy look who’s back after a month of not posting

today i thought i’d answer some questions about my 2017 book project!! i’m really excited about it and may or may not have spent several hours perfecting its aesthetic on pinterest.

*tosses confetti everywhere* LET THE ANSWERING BEGIN

meet        1. describe thy novel

  • an pale orphan boy finds his reasons to live when he meets the eternally optimistic artmeis
  • with artemis’s help, forrest learns what it means to live and all the things he has to live for
  • it’s touchy-feely and adorable
  • ya know how good yellow and black look together? THAT’S ARTEMIS AND FORREST.
  • lots and lots of yellow
  • there will be heists and midnight grocery store trips

       2. display thine aesthetic for all to see

look upon my pinterest board

       3. introduce thy characters


a pale orphan who lost his parents in a car crash. he’s deaf in his left ear and enjoys making jokes about it*. he is strawberry jam and musty books.


an eternally optimistic wandering soul. seems like a goody two shoes, secretly loves heists and trespassing (all in good taste- to help forrest, of course.) she is sunshine and strong coffee.


a sarcastic and introverted soul. she can be unlikeable and aloof but she was forrest’s first friend so she sticks around to keep get them out of trouble

      4. explain what thy is excited for

i’m really excited for gangly and depressed teens going on crazy adventures and coming of age. yeh. pretty cool, i guess.

also also also a scene between artemis and forrest where artemis asks him, “if i asked you to name everything you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?”


     5. delve into thy themes

  • the world is full of nice people. if you can’t find one, be one.
  • kids don’t have to be heroes to be remembered
  • sometimes you gotta do something illeg-



so yeah! that’s a brief snippet of my newest novel project.

*doesn’t know how to end this post*


*think Toph from avatar: the last airbender. be not confused.


Sunshine Blogger Award

Heeeeey! ITS CHRISTMAS EVE AND I MAY OR MAY NOT BE HYPERVENTILATING/ BELTING OUT CHRISTMAS MUSIC….heh. Kit from Come, Rest a While tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thanks, Kit!! And Solaice just tagged me too, so I thought I’d answer both at once.


  1. Thank the person who tagged you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer


Do you have a pet? If so, describe them.

No, unfortunately I don’t have a pet. I had a pet fish named Sunset I got at the grocery store when I was young, and it lived for four years!

What’s your favorite type of tree?

A peach tree! I love peaches!

What’s your favorite genre to read?

Dystopian satire, or fractured fairy tale/fantasy!

What’s your favorite genre to write?

Midevil Fantasy! My books always seem to have some sort of magical princess/prince concept with a power struggle.

If you write, do you prefer to compose on paper or a computer?

Usually computer, but sometimes paper on the rare occasion.

How long have you been blogging?

loooooooong time, just not on this url. Probably 5 or 6 years.

Is it snowing, as you answer this?

No, unfortunately. It snowed a few days ago, though.

What’s your favorite type of music?

UKULELE SCREAMO (if you get this reference be my best friend please)

Do you knit or crochet?

Both! I just started knitting, though, and I like it a lot more than crochet!

What is a very popular/highly acclaimed book or movie that you just couldn’t like?

The Divergent series. I hated it.

Have you ever had Turkish Delight? (I haven’t, sadly…)

No…looks pretty delicious though.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Well, usually we spend Christmas eve making a huge dinner and a Christmas tree cake, then open our Christmas p-jays that night after a candy swap and Nativity. Then, Christmas morning we eat orange rolls and open our presents in order– I open, then my sister, then brother, and so on. But this year, we opened our p-jays yesterday and today are going to eat pizza at a friend’s house for Christmas eve dinner. Tomorrow, we’ll have our big breakfast and dinner and open all our presents.

Have you read Harry Potter?

YES Y YES  YESSSSS MY FAVORITEST FANDOM *pats my other fandoms* shhh, I just say that to make harry feel good. He has low self esteem, you know. *winks*

But seriously– I love HARRY POTTER. my nickname at school is literally ‘katie potter’

If someone materialised in your bedroom, what would you do?

Dobby? Is that you, finally taking me to Hogwarts?

Honestly? Scream.

What’s your hair colour? the hair colour you’ve always wanted?

Dark brown. Bleh. I want plum highlights!

What is your favourite book title and why?

THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE or ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE. Both are amazing books, too.

Have you seen any books that have killer covers but rot your eyes once you’ve read it?

I love this book cover, but have never read it:


I’m sure I have, I just don’t remember the title.

Are you smiley?


I prefer the word ‘realist’

If you can have another bit of any part of your body, which part would it be?

Can I say no appendix? Cause the darn thing is useless.


*shrivels up* *dies*

Favourite name and why?

I love the name Apollo. I don’t know why. Half my book characters are named Apollo.

What do you like about blogging, and has it taught you anything?




guess what. i’m bad at tagging. so, if you wish to be tagged, go tag yourself!


  1.  What is your favorite musical?
  2. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
  3. What Harry Potter house are you? (I’m a Slytherdor)
  4. Bath or Shower?
  5. Have you ever tried Butterbeer?
  6. Most used book character name?
  7. Favorite fandom?
  8. Meaning of life?
  9. PIZZA

9, cuz I’m bad at questions too. *shrugs* ehhhh





some change(s)

you  might have noticed i changed my name to katie. and i changed my site name to speckled constellations. i’ve decided to dabble into blog design–you can check out my site here.

the site’s the same. content too. check out my site, maybe order something?



beautiful books link up- novel update

hey! production week for my school’s musical is rapidly approaching (saturday, november 5 to sunday november 13). i’ve been able to write between getting home from school at 3:20 to leaving for rehearsal at 4:45. thankfully, my homework load has been really small, which is a really big blessing.


26 pages

12,757 words

72,584 characters

4 chapters

1,145 words written

11% completed of my 10,000 word goal

now, for the link up!beautiful books

the-answersOverall, how is your mental state, and how is your novel going?

pretty good, so far. to both questions.

What’s your first sentence (or paragraph)?

The first sentence of Masked Intent:

Melly rubbed her skin raw, the soapy water wrinkling her fingers.

The first sentence of NaNo 2016:

Melly couldn’t sleep since the incident.

Boring, I know 😉 lol.

Who’s your current favourite character in your novel?

ehhh i’ve always had a soft spot for aras. frankly, melly annoys me a lot. i love writing adalyn, which i haven’t done much yet of because i may or may not still be writing the inciting incident 12,000 words in. adalyn is such an interesting and layer-ful character, like an onion.

What do you love about your novel so far?


Have you made any hilarious typos or other mistakes?

ehhhh not yet. but they will come.

What is your favourite to write: beginning, middle, or end —and why?

probably the end- sometimes, the end is just the beginning.

What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack you eat? Do you listen to music? What time of day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!

my writing habits are sporadic. i usually just write whenever i have time, on my PC in my living room. it’s literally just a boring desk with a really big PC. i generally don’t listen to music, unless i’m doing a really big writing marathon.

How private are you about your novel while you’re writing? Do you need a cheer squad or do you work alone (like, ahem, Batman)?

i usually am open about the summary, and i even have some beta readers, which is scary (if you wanna be one, use the contact tab on my blog)! i sometimes share a scene or two with my cousin when we write together, but otherwise, i don’t really like other people reading my writing.

What keeps you writing even when it’s hard?

i don’t know. i’ve just come to love the characters and their internal desires and dialogue and quirks. they’re so smol and cute.

What are your top 3 pieces of writing advice?

  1. drink/eat, but not by your computer.
  2. two words: WORLD BUILDING
  3. characters are like onions. they have layers.

haha, i kinda dodged the question on some of those. well, i hope nanowrimo is going well for you!! tell me about ittttttttttttttttttttttttttt i’d love to know!



we were liars- e. lockhart

WE-WERE-LIARS.jpegA beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret. 

Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

Goodreads | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

This book has done something to my brain. It’s made me cry really hard late at night, after reading it in one sitting. This book is indescribable.

I found We Were Liars whilst binge reading a random blog. The post was titled “Books I Wished I Owned But Don’t.” The first one on the list was We Were Liars, and I knew I needed to read it. I didn’t look up any reviews, I didn’t even read the blog’s review- I requested it from the library, and a day later I got it.

When I finished, it had me all like-



But it’s fine. I’m fine. Somewhat.

I don’t know what it was exactly that made me fall in love with we were liars– the beautiful, choppy prose, the amazing characters, the suspense, the ending. don’t ask how it ends, i will lie.


I can’t recommend this book enough- it’s crazy, the contrast of opinion on this book. You either love it, or absolutely hate it. I hope you enjoy it.


I can’t even explain how much I loved Gat.


This wasn’t much of a review, but more of a rambling.


Thanks for reading anyway.


currently… #1

i’ve seen quite a few other bloggers doing this, and thought i’d give it a shot.

listening to a lot of twenty one pilots and two door cinema club. then again, when would i not be?! so hype about seeing them twenty one pilots in concert

Image result for twenty one pilots art     

(pictures found on deviantart and google)

wearing some really comfy sweatpants from target and an old t-shirt

feeling really excited, because i finished all my homework and theatre call was canceled tonight

(re)reading Red Queen. this is maybe my third(ish) time reading it. if you haven’t, you should! it’s one of my favorite books. (if you’re wondering, my top three are the secret life of beesthe help, and the book thief)


(picture creds to me, lol)

nervous about my PSAT (preliminary SAT), which i will be taking on thursday.

loving this plaid circle skirt! i didn’t really like the price tag of $64 dollars, though. luckily, i’m going to be sewing it! i already bought all the supplies for $15 dollars. (you can find the original skirt here:

waiting for the new nanowrimo site! the mods keep saying it’ll come; the beta site was supposed to go live yesterday, then today. i can’t take the suspense!!

nervous about THE FATE OF OUR GOSH DANG COUNTRY GOSH DANG IT! A WEEK FROM HALLOWEEN THE WORLD’S GONNA END (in english- the president election will be happening soon. NOT OKAY!!)

craving fried ice cream. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it looks so good!!

Image result for fried ice cream

procrastinating about both my math test tomorrow and world building. oops.

weeeeeeeell, that’s all for today! happy tuesday!





beautiful books 2016

haha what schedule?? technically this is within the first week of October sooooo

so as of now, i have done a grand total of zilch hours of world building. i have a ton of homework all the time and I’m on call for theatre a lot. Besides, this is just writing more in a previously written book, so I don’t need as much planning. Hopefully.

So today, I present beautiful books 2016, a link-up for writers created by Cait and Sky!

beautiful books


emu hope

(Cover Credits to the amazing M.L. Pithey!)


Melly Aldridge is different. She’s trapped in a life filled with chore upon chore, her only solace the mischievous Samuel who knows Melly better than anyone else. Her parents were hung for treason when she was nine by a King whose son was Melly’s childhood friend. Suddenly, the memories she had buried and tried to forget are upturned, and Melly is forced to return to the palace, the place where her parents were murdered and her heart was broken. But as she learns the secrets of her past and discovers new ones, she must choose between old friendship or new love, adventure or familiarity, and perhaps life or death.


Pages: 24

Words: 11604

Chapters: 4

Characters: 66022


This book was my April Camp NaNo project. If you want to know more about the characters, you can look at almost any of my Character Studies or this one in particular. If you want to beta read what I have so far, shoot me an email at


What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

A dream. It was way different than my book now- don’t even ask. I wrote it down right after I had it, and somehow it became what it is now. I had this dream early January of 2016, so it was 3 or so months before I started writing.

Describe what your novel is about!

A false betrothed, an inadequate prince, a mischievous sentinel, a vexed princess, a misunderstood king, and a unspeakable past. Mix it all together and you know you got the best of both worlds novels!

What is your book’s aesthetic? Use words or photos or whatever you like!

PicMonkey Collage.pngIntroduce us to each of your characters!


Melly is a headstrong, audacious, strong willed individual who certainly has an opinion and a tad bit (okay, a lot) of sass. She’s stubborn but comes to care deeply for the people she loves. She has long ginger hair, with pale freckled skin and light green eyes.

Melly struggles with her hatred for King Ptolemus and his daughter, Adalyn, and her love for Aras. Despite having feelings for Aras, she is stubborn and will not admit to it because she fears it would be betraying her parent’s, since Aras’ father was the one who ordered her parent’s executions.


Aras is a light-hearted, carefree individual who has self doubts about becoming king one day.

Aras was 14 when his mother passed away. The only way he could deal with the grief was pretending that it had never happened. He locked up his heart and masked his grief and confusion with light-heartedness.

Aras does not, in any way, shape, or form, feel worthy of the kingdom. He only wishes to impress his father, but has many self doubts about fulfilling the heir. He just wants his father’s approval above all.

Aras, despite having feelings for Melly, does not want to risk having his heart broken again. After his mother’s death, he locked up his heart. He doesn’t want to risk vulnerability, so he tells himself he doesn’t love Melly and is searching for a true betrothed.


Samuel is a mischievous, mysterious, hardworking young man who struggles with his search to find his true identity. 

He also struggles with Aras and Melly’s betrothal. He doesn’t understand his feelings for her.


Adalyn is sharp, menacing, mentally unstable and blames her late mother for her problems.

After her mother, the queen, died when she was ten, Adalyn was grief stricken and depressed. After a year of depression, she came out of her ‘coma’ of sadness. She started seeing her mother in her brother when she looked at him. She hated her brother for being so much like the late queen. She hallucinates and believes that it is her duty, her destiny, to fulfill the heir. She knows her brother is too weak to be king. She blames her mother for her brother being in the way of her becoming queen, and plots her brother’s murder.

Adalyn hates Melly for multiple reasons, and tries her hardest to break her down mentally by displaying her doubts and deepest fears, and toying with her head.

My main inspiration for her was Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

How do you prepare to write?

I usually have to feel “inspired.” If I just sit down and stare at a blank screen I may or may not have a panic attack. It’s really overwhelming to not know what to write. So I do I lot of planning in the plot area. And eat a lot of food.

What are you most looking forward to about this novel?

I’m really looking forward to the character development in Samuel, Aras, and Adalyn. Fighting scenes are also really fun to write!

List 3 things about your novel’s setting.

  1. There’s a castle garden where my favorite scene takes place. It has a shrub maze, a fountain, and a grave.

Melly shook in her bed, the whisper of a sheet around her far too thin to warm her. Only the moon’s light shone through the room, and Melly followed it like a beacon, escaping. Her door was well oiled and noiseless as Melly closed it behind her.

Even the sentinel by her door side had fallen asleep, his eyes fluttering in a deep slumber. Melly crept around him, turning the corner of the long, vast hallway, snickering to herself. Not much of a oiled machine as she had thought the castle was, was it?

Melly had spoken too soon, and as she walked blindly through the winding halls she knocked into someone. Hurrying back, the moon caught the man’s features, and Melly gasped with a bit of both relief and surprise.

Aras, disgruntled, his eyelids heavy, stared back at Melly. A smirk crept across his features. “Glad to see I’m no longer the only insomniac in all of Telford

Melly nodded, trying hard not to smile. “Us insomniacs must stay together, mustn’t they?”

“Yes, yes of course.”  He held out his arm, and hesitantly, Melly took it. Much to Melly’s delight, he nodded to a half asleep sentinel who opened the huge doors leading to the royal garden. Memories of the games played between the tulips and near the huge fountain came flooding back. Their childish fantasies of magic and adventure were gone.

The garden seemed far more decrepit at night, with the moon casting an eerie shadow at the sleeping flowers. Only the fountain, and the glimmering moon in the still water, seemed the same as it had been so many years ago. Melly smiled, reaching down to ripple the moon’s reflection. Aras’ face joined Melly’s in the water. She turned away, not able to bear the look in his eyes. Do you remember? Do you miss those memories as much as I do? Melly couldn’t tell the emotion in Aras’ eyes, and whether it was recognition, or sadness, or perhaps both.

She left the fountain, not looking back to see if Aras was following her lead. The winding maze of shrubbery that she and Aras had gotten lost in as children was ahead, and Melly yearned to lose herself in the shadows and never wake up. Perhaps they could both escape the realities of life, and return to the days of their childhood.

Melly stopped abruptly, her back tense. She could never return to those memories. They were gone, the whisper of the past. The whisper of the life before her parents died and she moved to Leavenworth.

Memories fade, and one day she would forget Aras, the castle, and the events between. Part of Melly cringed in sadness at the thought, while the other half yearned for it. Sometimes forgetting is both a blessing and a curse.

Aras placed a hand on her back, reminding her that she was not alone in this garden of memories. She wanted to shake him off, but his touch was so warm, so familiar, that she allowed it to stay.

As the brightness of the moon disappeared, Melly shivered. The maze, beautiful and delightful in the light of the sun was quite the opposite in the night. But Aras knew the way, leading her through the darkness. Melly was glad he could not see her expression, and the longing that she knew was in her eyes.

The maze ended, opening up to a portion of the garden Melly rarely stepped foot in. The cemetery, though easier to bear in the sun, reeked of death and war. Melly hated looking at the tombstones, at the forgotten names of dead soldiers.

Charles Benedict. John Calderon. Selvan Horst. The rows of name upon name never seemed to end. Melly stopped, sinking to the ground. So many dead. So many taken by the war, the pointless war.

Melly stopped, gasping for breath. Samuel. Was he dead too, conscripted, taken by the war? Melly clenched her fists, oblivious to Aras’ embrace.

It was his fault. It was always his fault. And Aras was his son.

2. The castle is big. Really big. There are lots of hidden passages *wink wink wink*

3. The laundry line. It is very important to the exposition of the book.

What’s your character’s goal and who (or what) stands in the way?

Melly’s goal is to avenge her parent’s deaths. Lots of things stand in her way- her love for Aras, the power of King Ptolemus, the plans of Adalyn.

How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

She realizes that…revenge isn’t always the answer.


What are your book’s themes? How do you want readers to feel when the story is over?

The past is in the past. It’s done, and it can’t be undone. Revenge isn’t always the answer.


talk to me! what are you doing for nano? are you doing nano? if not, what are your plans for november?








beautiful worlds writing competition sign up

i decided a few days ago that i really want to host a writing competition! well, here we are! of course i’m really busy but whatever heh heh *anxious laughter*



……Beautiful Worlds Writing Challenge (or BWWC #1)!


  • I will post a few prompts, and a picture of my own, and you will create a story out of it!
  • You must post within the time frame.
  • Be creative!
  •  It can be as long or as short as you want.
  • You must use at least one prompt.




hot chocolate log.jpg


Post what team you want to be on and your blog that you’ll be posting on below!! I’m really excited! We’ll start when we have at least 4  people in each team!


nano is coming

oh no ahhhhhhh the dreaded month of nano prep is almost upon us. and with the new site coming (!!??!!!) it’ll be a bajillion times more hectic since there will be a few weeks while the old site is shut down while they prepare for the new and shiny one. i can’t decide if this year i want to continue work on masked intent, or start a new one. Most likely I will continue my work on MI.

either way, i want to get 10 hours of world building in. i am super busy with debate and theatre taking up a ton of time, especially with production week (november 6-13) in the SMACK DAB MIDDLE OF NANO. at that time i will live* in the theatre room and will get little to absolutely no writing done. at all.


Monday            Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday        Friday       Saturday        Sunday

1                                 2                        3                     4                   5         POST  6

PW           7        PW    8            PW             9       PW        10      PW       11       PW       12   PW          13

14                    15                                16                     17                    18                    19  POST 20

21                    22                                23                     24                    25                   26 POST 21

28                    29                                30                    (1)                    (2)                  (3) POST (4)

(PW  means production week, in which i will get absolutely nothing done)

(Each color in the below weekly schedule mean something different- blue means writing schedule, purple means planning schedule.

Mondays: I will update the word count buttons, Nano word count, and any other things that need to be done that are tedious/unimportant. I will also do world building. (oh, and writing DUH) 

World Building, and updates to the world building progress bar.

Tuesdays: Write.

Character Study/ Plot Work/ Editing

Wednesdays: See Monday

World Building.

Thursdays: Write.

Character Study/ Plot Work/ Editing

Fridays: See Monday.

World Building.

Saturdays: Post. These posts will usually include current word count, and some stats (total words & characters, total pages, total chapters, random tidbits like that), how nano is going as a whole, a life update, and a small excerpt from what I’m writing at the moment.

Post. These posts will usually include current hours of world building, a life update, and other news on Masked Intent and/or NaNo.

Sundays: Observe the Sabbath! 

Same as writing schedule.

I can’t wait to embark on my fourth year of NaNo!

*totally not kidding. 4 to 10 every day of production week, and there’s also school and nano.

**tentative. i will add to this calendar, so check on this post every so often if you want

bibpc #3 category seven: shiny

OOH SHINY *flops*

*huddles with team ice cream* *clear throat* OKAY TEAM! YOU READY TO WIN?!!!!?!?!??!?!?!?

come on we’re only like two points behind the blasted team lemonade


First things first, I whipped together this graphic for extra points so we can beat team lemonade!


And my entry! I love shiny things!

In some other news, I officially released my small, timid, baby webcomic into the harsh world of reality. YOU CAN READ IT HERE! It would mean the world to mean if you could read/like/even subscribe who knows miracles happen! I’m really excited to let the world see what i can do even when i get artblock and school is JKLFJASLKJSKLJKSLFJAL and you just wanna die in a hole.

welll, that’s for all. bibpc is unforunately, over after this and i accidentally forgot about the pokemon reading  challenge *sheepish grin* to be fair, it was right at the beginning of school and it just completely slipped my mind